What a surprising find – all new, fresh, welcoming. Amas was incredibly helpful and pleasant. We had a wonderful walk and chat around the lake. What an incredible place and view. Here’s to the next time!
— Tim & Ingrid Briscoe in Egypt

Kyaninga Royal Cottages
The sustainable retreat in the heart of nature.

A place to relax and re-connect with yourself, in beautiful surroundings. The calming oasis in a busy world, affordable accommodation in this stunning location overlooking Lake Kyaninga and the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains.

Offering 8 en suite stone and thatched roof rooms which are all suitable for single visitors, couples and families. With an emphasis on using local materials the interiors offers all the comfort for a relaxing and pleasant stay.


Each room includes a shower, WC and hand basin and a private verandah, perfect for with a view of the lake and a captivating view of the sunset.


The communal parts of the cottages consists of a reception area, sitting room and dining area. Buffet and Continental breakfast is served in the dining area or outside.

This project provides employment opportunities for the local communities, and works in partnership with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).




Eco Friendly Retreat

Our entire complex is built from locally grown and sourced resources. All trees and products used in its construction, are replanted as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment.

The facilities are powered by solar energy giving us a zero carbon footprint, true to our commitment to providing first class eco-tourism that stays true to preserving nature.


What a wonderful place. Great views, wonderful staff, amazon decor. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to my next time.
— Christopher – Fort Portal