Zaki Charity

Supporting Uganda's Homeless Orphans

Here at Kyaninga Royal Cottages, we believe in promoting better business ethics. It is important to share the blessings we receive, therefore, we have endeavoured to support the most vulnerable in the wonderful country of Uganda.

Zaki Charity is a registered charity in Uganda which provides essential care for orphans in Kampala, the capital city.

So by staying at the cottages, you are actively contributing too. But if you are interested in doing more work with Zaki Charity, please enquire further. We would love more involvement in this amazing project.  


About the Charity


According to UNICEF, Uganda has 17.1 million children below 18 years. 11.3% of these are orphans, 8% of children are critically vulnerable (including those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS), while 43% are moderately vulnerable (2015).

AIDS is so widespread in Uganda that it is a common occurrence to have children losing both their parents at a very young age, leaving them with very little in the world. 

Orphans lack some of the most basic needs in life like food, medication, clothing, education as well as the loving care of parents, and the chance to grow as a responsible and independent person.

Zaki Charity has a very personalised way of helping the children who come into its care. The charity is one large family, as the children are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential by being given access to the best education and care possible.